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How to Fix Heating Problem on iPhone and iPad

October 31 2019, 06:30am

iPhones and iPads are one of the coolest gadgets present in the market. When it comes to iPhone/iPad, whatever the version is, it oozes class. However, if your device is getting warm when using it, then you need some solution to eradicate such hassles....

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How to Use Boost Tickets and Add Friends in Mario Kart Tour

October 31 2019, 06:00am

Mario Kart Tour is a mobile kart racing game developed and published by Nintendo. It is available for iOS and Android devices, where players get to take part in a simplified version of a classic game. There are 34 characters introduced like Mario, Peach,...

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How to Watch TV Channels on your iPad

October 30 2019, 08:56am

Want to have a portable TV? No, you don’t have to purchase a new device from the market. You can turn your iPad into a portable TV with some simple set up. If you like to watch TV channels, then your iPad will do an excellent job of it. There are many...

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