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windows 10

How to Disable or Enable Secure Log in on Windows 10

January 31 2020, 06:34am

Posted by Jeanne Winfield

A secure login makes your system more secure, and thus it keeps your private data and setting limited to you. It is one of the most appreciated security features that allow users to be relaxed as their data is safe and secure from malicious sites. To...

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Windows 10: Fix Touchscreen Not Working

January 24 2020, 09:19am

Posted by Jeanne Winfield

The touch screens of Windows 10 device are amazing, and a lot of its credit goes to the touch designed applications which belongs to the Windows Ink Workspace. Are you among the one whose touchscreen stop working? To know the solution for the same, you...

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How to Fix Windows 10 Srttrail.txt BSOD Error?

November 29 2019, 10:02am

Windows never fail in satisfying its users, whether it is a need for a fix or system repair; they always resolve all the issues by releasing updates. However, there are several issues that occurred in Windows that most people cannot fix. Out of various...

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How to Fix Windows 10 Apple iPhone Driver Issue?

November 21 2019, 07:35am

Sometimes syncing your iPhone with the PC fails due to iPhone driver issues. This is very annoying especially when you want to transfer your data. In such situations, you always consider replacing your PC with the Mac or either buying some other OS phone....

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